Saturday, 17 January 2015

Harlequin Duck

The library at university kindly lends of out 'creative media equipment' and since this discovery a couple of months ago I had contemplated taking a video camera on a twitch to see what I could get. I decided to loan one out and take it with me to the Harlequin. Sadly I did not have it on me when the bird sat in front of me, but I preferred to get some photos of it rather than video. I did get a bit of video from before when it was out on a rock preening. Its not groundbreaking but it will do and offers a different view of the bird.
-Harlequin Duck
I also got some video while the bird was swimming showing how amazing it was at diving and yet remaining stationary within the rapids. It must have had to use up so much energy to avoid being taken by the river.

-Harlequin Duck
Zac also took did some video, but his video was while the bird was close and he got some fantastic footage of the bird. He put it up on Youtube so to have a look at it just have a click on this link:

His video is fantastic and really flaunts the bird. Its just another viewpoint on the bird and another reminder of a fantastic day, it really was superb. 

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