Thursday, 25 December 2014

Mercy Christmas - Soil Hill

Merry Christmas everyone. Its another classic Christmas day of not doing very much but fortunately there were some birds to keep the festive spirit alive. In the morning we spotted a few thrushes at the top end of the field behind the house. Had a closer look to see that there was a mixture of Redwings and Fieldfares, though mainly the former, with a few starlings thrown in for good measure. 
Had a wander up to Soil Hill in the afternoon to have a quick look. Grim as per with the only passerines being the Carrion Crows that loiter around. I did however get a decent patch tick when I spotted a green woodpecker on one of the pylons. That was a fantastic bird to see, and a Christmas present worth the walk up to the hill. It was just a pity that it was a little too far away.
-Green Woodpecker
Other birds on the hill were few and far between, the highlight being a Grey Heron. Back in the garden late afternoon we had the pleasure of watching a Coal Tit, a species we only see a few times a year in the garden, so that was a pleasant end to the day.
-Coal Tit

Species List: 
Soil Hill: Grey Heron, Green Woodpecker, Black-Headed Gull, Carrion Crow, Kestrel, Mallard,

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