Friday, 5 December 2014

Gull Watching in Attercliffe MK1

Since there have been a few caspian gulls around down in Attercliffe I decided to head down to see if I could see one, and to do some proper gull watching to improve my ability in this area. I bumped into a couple of other birders there and we watched the gulls on the tip roof. We picked out one that looked good and I was fairly confident, but it was not, and I should have seen it really given it has a whopping great big Gonys angle, but in the scope it was not that clear. The bird in question was a 2nd Winter Greater Black-Back but with a dark bill. It was an important mistake to make, as it helps me learn and hopefully wont happen again. It also gave me a chance to look into different ages of gulls in the field, something I have not really done before.
Adult and 2nd Winter Greater Black-Backed Gull
-2nd Winter Greater Black-Backed Gull

Species List: Herring Gull, Lesser Black-Backed Gull, Greater Black-Backed Gull, Black-Headed Gull, Magpie, Feral Pigeon, Pied Wagtail,

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