Friday, 5 September 2014

Spurn Day 58

I knew that most of today would be spent preparing for the festival in the evening. I woke up early and headed up to seawatching. Sadly though it was pretty quiet with not many birds moving. The highlights were a few Common Teal moving and a couple of Shelduck moving out from the estuary.
Fortunately a couple of guys were down at the warren ringing and they were catching some good stuff to keep us entertained. The first of their great birds was a Whinchat which they showed off. Sadly the light was too poor for photos, but it was nice to see another in the hand, having previously seen one.
The next bird was the one I really wanted. I knew that it would have to be caught in order for me to get my own record shots, so when the news came through my prayers were answered. It was of course a Barred Warbler. There was quite a gathering for the bird but I managed a few shots. Sadly the light remained an issue and I was unable to get that photo that I really wanted but I got some good record shots. They looked even bigger in the hand than in the bush. I thought that the bird looked very similar to miniature cuckoo in the hand with a long striking tail and a substantial bill. It was great to see it in the hand, another lifer that I have been able to get close to.
-Barred Warbler
When the warbler was released I headed back up to numpties for a bit. Movement was limited but it was not long before I was back down at the warren looking at another caught bird. This one was not overly rare but was certainly more spectacular. They had caught a male Redstart in full gear. To see one this close was a privilege, and since there was no crowd I was able to get some decent photos, but the light remained an issue and they were still not ideal.
-Common Redstart
I then went back into the warren to continue cleaning up and getting ready to move out. The afternoon was then spent preparing the halls and gear for the festival. Once we had finished preparing we then had a volunteer meeting and then the first talk of the event. As a result I did get to spend any more time birding, but I had already had the best of the day.

Species List:
Seawatching: Common Teal, Mallard, Shelduck, Black-Headed Gull, Common Gull, Gannet, Swallow, Knot, Barred Warbler, Whinchat, Common Redstart,

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