Sunday, 24 August 2014

Spurn Day 46

Since easterlies are due tomorrow I decided to spend today writing the tern report so that it was done and out of the way so I could enjoy tomorrows delights without worry. However, I quickly realsied that I had no idea what I was actualy doing for the report and by 12.00 I had given up and went out to enjoy the afternoon.
I did not know where to go really, but ended up in Canal Hedge doing a little bush bashing in case any early migrants might be hiding within the bushes. They were not, but the Southern Hawker that has been around was showing very well and even landed in a photograph-able position. It meant I could get some proper decent record shots, good enough to prove once and for all that there was a Southern Hawker, placing it beyond all doubt. It is the only one recorded at Spurn this year, so that is certainly one of the best finds I have had since I arrived.
-Southern Hawker
I moved along and up the canal to check no birds were in the bushes along there. There were nothing unusual but there were a loads of young swallows sat on the bushes along the edge of the canal. They were incredibly approachable and as a result I was able to get some pretty decent photos of them looking lovely and sweet.
That was about it until the end of the day with the evenings seawatch. It was quiet again but there were a few waders moving including Sanderling, Knot and Oystercatcher. Overall though it was quite a poor night by Spurns standards.

Species List:
Seawatching: Oystercatcher, Common Tern, Gannet, Arctic Skua, Sandwich Tern, Greater Black-Backed Gull, Sanderling, Common Scoter, Knot, Mallard, Common Gull, Grey Plover, Dunlin,

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