Monday, 28 July 2014

Spurn Day 19

Ah yes, the joy of the nightshift. Unfortunately I fell asleep for the last part and did not get to see any of the birds on the pond in the morning. Numbers were low anyway due to the number of tern chicks that had fledged.
I walked back groggily to the warren, under another beautiful sunrise, really spectacular. I may as well say now that I spent the whole day asleep, so the photos of the sunrise are all I took today.
Yes, I awoke feeling incredibly rough at 12.00, tried some birding at 2.00, but could not manage it and went back to bed, where I slept until 6.00. I think its fair to say that I have come down with something pretty grim.
At the ponds on the night there were the usual cast. There were still plenty of Dunlin in when I arrived, and a healthy number of Grey Plover too. In the gloom it was difficult to make much out, but I could clearly see 1 or 2 Red Knot, and a few Juvenile Little Terns.

The Daily Oystercatcher
Not much to report for them today. I missed them in the morning but in the evening spotted both chicks with an adult sleeping on a crab pot off from the shoreline. I don’t remember seeing this crab pot before, so it may well have been revealed due to the water level dropping. Either way, it’s a safe place for the Oyks to roost.

Species List:
Beacon Ponds: Grey Plover, Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Knot, Little Tern, Oystercatcher, Brown Hare

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