Sunday, 1 June 2014

Uni Semester 2 Week 13

The only day that things really happened during this week of revision and exams, but what a day it was. It started with a squirrel outside my window early in the morning as I read some papers for my exam in the afternoon.
  The on the way to the exam there were a pair of mistle thrushes in Weston Park, which was nice to see though it was from a distance. I think they must have a nest nearby as both birds were very mobile and calling a lot.
  The real highlight of the day was on the way back from the exam. We were walking up the stairs in Ponderosa Park, just 2 of us, when I spotted a Jay on the branches in front of us. By this point we were already very close, but the bird did not seem to mind and we were able to get even closer, until we were stood only a couple of meters from the jay. It did not care at all, it kept on feeding merrily, picking off insects from the leaves in front of us, even coming closer and closer. I could not believe what I was seeing, a bird so shy and yet this individual was just so care-free and behaving so naturally. After about 5 mins of watching it, the bird flew back to about only 5 meters, but the view was obscured with vegetation, and I needed to get back. I had also wondered if the reason for its boldness may have been territorial or nest related, so it was probably not a good idea to outstay our welcome. It had been a fantastic view, the only downside being that it was a shaded view due to it being under the leaves, but otherwise it would have been the best view of a jay ever.
  And on the way back there was a squirrel in Stevenson courtyard

Oh yeah, and the exam went OK too...

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