Sunday, 4 May 2014

Uni Semester 2 Week 9

While waiting for the bus to take us into the peaks I spotted a Long-Tailed tit in the tree above us. The view was fleeting unfortunately but I made the best of it, as it was a lovely bird.
Continuing on Monday, some of the flat and I went for a kick around in Endcliffe Park, and while we were there a Sparrowhawk drifted over, though only briefly. There was also a woodpecker (GS) calling from the wood but it did not fly out and I did not go in to look for it

On the way back from my biology ball outside Stevenson at 4.00 in the morning I heard an owl calling very close to the road. I had a look up to see if I could see it, and its ghostly form flew out from the trees, down the road and over the wall. It was a better view than last time that's for sure, a real nice find.

On the walk back from church I spotted a few bats flying around. I have no idea what kind they are but they are the first bats I have seen this year so that was a really nice sight. Really getting into the nocturnal wildlife this week.

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