Sunday, 18 May 2014

Uni Semester 2 Week 11

I woke up this morning to hear a chiff-chaff calling in the student village. I did not try to find the bird, but it has been calling all morning so is probably setting up a territory here. Its the first one I have heard calling in the student village.

Walking back from dinner a flock of Long-Tailed Tits was flying across along the edge of the student village, hunting through the trees. It was good to catch up with this flock as I had been hearing them all day outside my window
  Speaking of birds and hearing, I can also hear a Blackcap calling from outside my window. I have not been to try and track it down as its in the large small wooded area opposite me that I can't get into but its another nice species to have heard from my halls window

While waiting outside Stevenson before lectures this morning I got to watch a Grey Squirrel scurry along the line of tree's that separate Crewe from Stevo. It was interesting that nobody else seemed to notice it, or were too preoccupied to care, but it got the day off to a good start.

I had intended to spend this day revising productively, but since it was an incredibly nice day we ended up spending a couple of hours in the afternoon playing football in the park. Despite its business and obvious distractions there was a few things about, a grey wagtail flew over and there was a Brimstone Butterfly, as well as Orange Tip and Large White. So despite not going birdwatching I still managed a few bits and pieces.

On the way up to church on this lovely may evening there was a large flock of around 30 Swifts flying around near church. They called initially but they stopped, it was the call that drew me to them as they were some way off. On the way out at 9.00 there were 3 birds still around and they were much lower.

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