Monday, 26 May 2014

Endcliffe Park

So what started as a short revision break to photograph the ducks in Endcliffe park that I may put on my weekly roundup actually turned into quite an afternoons birding, on a small scale. I did find some lovely mallards to photograph but the light was against me and I did not get too many that were sharp. Those that I got I have included here...
So just as I was wrapping up at the third pool a heron decided to come and land on the side on the path less than 5 meters in front of me. And even when I moved to get into a better position it did not mind. I got to watch it poo, throw up its previous meal and then jump in the lake and start fishing, all within less than 10 meters of me (When  it entered the lake it moved back a bit). I managed to get some decent shots too, though the light was against me again.
-Grey Heron
After it rounded some bushes out of sight I decided I really needed to get back. That plan lasted about 5 mins before I stumbled across a treecreeper, which then led me to its nest, in a crack in an old park shelter. I was pleased to have found this and got to watch the adults flying too an fro. The shelter was right next to the path, so I was stood on the opposite side of the path while people wandered by. Some stopped to ask what I was doing and I got to talk to some people about the birds and show them my photos. The photos are really not great, the light had really turned on me, but you get the gist. I reckon that's the first time I have ever found a treecreeper nest, and I should hope to be going back at some point.
So my half an hour break actually turned into over an hour and half, but what does it matter when your seeing birds like these.

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