Sunday, 9 March 2014

Uni Semester 2 Week 4

Between lectures we sat in the cafe in the students union to kill time, and as we were sat there I spotted a Sparrowhawk gliding lazily past the window sending the pigeons crazy. The view was brief but it was something to write about.

Wandering back at about 3.00 Friday morning I was surprised by the fact that about 10 different robins seemed to be singing. Even though this phenomenon has been described it still seems to bizarre when your there surrounded by it.

Walking to football on Friday late afternoon I spotted a very drowsy looking tree bumblebee near Broomhill. Its my first of the year, which was exciting, a sign that spring is well on its way

Walking to Church this evening I encountered a common frog sat on the pavement, my first of the year. I decided it would probably be a better idea to move it from the pavement, even though it would mean touching it with naked hands, than leaving it there to be trod on. It was a lovely looking frog, rather large too.

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  1. The new HELM guide to Bird identification (an in depth look at confusion species) by Vinicombe, Harris and Tucker.I got the first edition in the early 90's. I have used it all the time. Its well worth the £25.00.....