Monday, 24 March 2014

Orgreave Again

The situation is getting quite desperate now, as in I am only 10 birds off my 100 before the end of march. With this in mind I decided to not type up today's notes and go back to Orgreave since I could do it on one bus journey.
I arrived at the site early afternoon, about half 1, and immediately began my hunt. The birds were pretty similar to last time, with the addition of redshank to the list. That was until half way round the western side I heard, and then followed until they landed, a flock of Linnets, my first of the year and reducing the required to 9 species. I was able to get reasonable views but they were not the finest linnets I have ever seen. They were a flock of 5 birds, but I only got bins on 2, a female and a male. Below is photographed the male, the female was partially behind the mound of earth
I continued round, and got some good views of goosander resting on the bank, along with gadwall, tufted duck and lapwings, making for a good day list. I then finally found the bird I was looking for; Wheatear. I spotted one a way off up the road and tried to get close but could not. That one then became 2, and soon they were everywhere, including one which was quite close and allowed me to get some pretty decent shots, at least that I am happy with. They are such stunning birds I was very excited to finally see one this year.
I wandered up a ditch to try and get jack snipe, but failed and the then wandered back down by the river, but that was very quiet, only a long-tailed tit to show for it. 
I made my way back round to the first pool and found 3 Little Ringed Plovers, which was nice. I was pretty happy to see them again, as it seems to me that I hardly ever get good views of this species, and yet here is a site that seems to have them abundance. I did not manage any great photos, just more record shots.
-Little Ringed Plover
There were also plenty of Passerines around the lakes, mainly skylarks and Meadow Pipits, but there was also a bird that would have pushed the wheatears close for most stunning bird of the day in the form of a stunning male reed bunting. It really was a looker, truly fantastic. I was well impressed with the site again.
-Reed Bunting
So at the close of play I had spent a lovely afternoon birding and reduced the gap between my total and 100 by 2, meaning that in 7 days I am going to require 8 birds! Possible? Hopefully... 

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