Saturday, 8 February 2014

Smawthorne Marsh - Twitching Firecrest

My intention today was to get the firecrest in the morning, a bird I had long wanted to see, at Smawthorne marsh in Castleford and then go to Swillington for the Siberian chiff-chaff in the afternoon, since I was already quite close.
  Things did not turn out like this however, as I spent a good four hours hunting for the firecrest with no joy at all. I was heartbroken. There were other birds at the site, but they were mainly garden birds, with some nice more unusual garden type birds.
-Willow Tit - My first of the year
-Long Tailed Tit
-Blue tit
-Great tit
-Coal tit
-House Sparrow
-Carrion Crow
Because I spent so long looking for the firecrest I did not make it for the sibe chaff, but I figured it was only a small brown bird and probably not worth the extra expense for potentially more disappointment

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