Saturday, 11 January 2014

Soil Hell

The weather has picked up recently, now that I have started revision for my January exams. I did however decided to get some fresh air and  birding by making the short trek to soil hill for a little while. The top was completely dead! Sometimes I have written 'there were no birds' for hyperbole, because it sounds more committed that way, when actually there are some crows or gulls overhead.
  Today there was nothing, as in actually nothing. I was gutted. On the way up however I had a little more luck with some feildfares and redwings in the field behind our house, the first time we have recorded redwings there I recall. On the way down I rounded a corner and spooked a female sparrowhawk of a gatepost, but it came back round before flying off so I got some good views of her, my first this year.
  So overall it was not that bad, but there was a disappointing lack of birds.

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  1. Thats the Hill for you, I don't go up voluntarily, it beckons me for the purpose of demoralisation!