Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ladybower Reservoir

  So yesterday ended my month stay at home and the return to my uni accommodation, where I would be welcomed by exams and continued revision. However, on the way back, instead of going straight there we decided to make a detour into the peak district for a walk and a meal.
  For the walk we went to Ladybower reservoir, though it was packed it being a Sunday and all. There was not really much going on except at the feeding station at the visitor center. Here there were large flocks of coal tits, chaffinches, great and blue tits but also about 7 rather bold siskins in striking plumage all at one feeder. They were great to watch because I could get so close to them.

  But aside from them there was not much else going on. Except while we were driving to the reser we drove over the moors and I spotted 2 red grouse, so I can safely add them to my year-list now.

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