Monday, 6 January 2014

Elland GP

-Bullfinch Males
So, I headed down to Elland GP this morning with the intention of finally getting a scaup. Did it turn out that way? Ahaha, No! Once more I was eluded by this mysterious duck! Fortunately I was not alone in my dipping, which is comforting, as usually someone else will see it, or it will reappear once I left.
  However, dwelling on the unseen is a waste of time, so lets dwell on the seen. It was a lovely, but blustery day. First I went to the feeding station to see what was about:
-At least 7 bullfinches, but probably more. Stunning birds, great to see them so close
-1 GS Woodpecker, my first of the year
-3 LT Tits, also my first of the year
-Blue tits
-Great tits
-Coal tits
I then spent about an hour running around the ski lake trying to find a scaup but to no avail. Sadly I failed to find it. However, there were plenty of other birds on this wander:
-6 Tufted Duck
-5 Cormorants
-3 Goosander
-1 Little Grebe
-Black Headed and Common Gulls
-Coots and a moorhen
So that ended my little scaup quest, failed, but plenty of other nice things seen!

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