Monday, 6 January 2014

A Continuation

So after I had finished dipping on the scaup I moved into phase 2 of my day, that of the Great Northern Diver at Sandy Lane GP in Mirfield. This involved more trekking than my mornings birding but fortunately it was worth it.
  I arrived at the site, looked over the wall and thought to myself 'where could it be in these lakes'. The answer was right in front of me, it was sat in the middle of the lake, looking completely uncaring. I spent a good hour watching it before the weather really turned. I was able to get some incredible views of it through the scope, and often there was not need for the scope you could see it so clearly. It was well worth the extortionate bus fares for sure.

  There were other birds at the site:
-1 Grey Wagtail
-1 GC Grebe
-2 Mute Swans
-Tufted Ducks
-Canada Geese
-Black Headed Gulls
-1 Grey Heron

The GND was more than ample compensation for dipping on the scaup. It looked stunning in its adult plumage and it was great to be able to watch it hunting in the lake. I was worried it would not be there, since I had failed to check for updates the day before, but I had no need to, which is just as well, all things considered...


  1. I thought your blog would subside into the mire when you joined 'varsity Daniel. Good job to see you back with a vengeance!

  2. I did fall behind with it a little, but then there was not much to see! However, I am eager to get back and to start doing some serious Sheffield birding!!