Sunday, 3 November 2013

Uni Week 6

This week was a lot more productive than recent weeks, or at least Sunday was. Apart from that its been another quiet week but I went for a walk to with church along the canal in Matlock.

Went for a walk along the Matlock canal today, it had a mixture of weather, but on the whole it was pretty decent. The highlight was undoubtedly 9 little grebes, really close as well so that you could really appreciate how nice they are. Along with them there were numerous mallards and mute swans, as well as 2 species of wagtail, pied and grey. There were also a small flock of long tailed tits. While walking back I had to rescue a small newt from a puddle in the path but that was nice to see, if not a little unexpected. Also unexpected was the fact that I saw not one but 2 red admiral butterflies, which was bizarre considering that they are a migratory species. This could well be my latest ever butterfly record.
-Little Grebe

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