Sunday, 24 November 2013

Uni Week 9

It has defiantly been a quiet week, with nothing really wildlife related that springs to mind. However, at the weekend I went on the Christian Union weekend away in wales, and on the way there I did get some decent views of buzzards on the roadside on at least 3 occasions, one of which the bird was sat on a lamppost. Also walking to the uni I spotted a squirrel in a bin, presumably rummaging, but since all I could see was its tail it was quite an amusing sight.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Uni Week 8

So this has definitely been a busy week wildlife wise, based on the standards set so far at any rate. So without further a do, lets commence with the breakdown of this week

Walking along behind the school on my way to uni I heard and then saw a lovely flock of long tailed tits. They were quite high up so I was unable to get any really great views but they still got the week off to a great start and they are always nice to see

So walking back from a club at 2.00 in the morning I was very surprised to hear a robin singing behind the students union building. Even by urban birds it still seems ridiculously early in the morning while its so dark too. Either way, I was impressed I recognized the song as a robin, even if I did not see the bird

So on the way to the blockbuster closing down sale I have to walk through the botanical gardens. It was a lovely day, with blue sky and as it was early evening it had lovely light too. I spotted 9 squirrels on my walk and at very close quarters too, and some in very photogenic positions

Another walk though the botanical gardens and once more there were ample squirrels. I knelt down to get a better view of a few and they came running up, to you, it was pretty insane how close they were getting. Overall there were probably around 20 squirrels as well as 2 jays which were high up in a tree.

More of the same really, just more Squirrels in the botanical gardens Botanical Gardens

Walking to the village shop to get some milk this morning I spotted a jay fly near the Edge bar. It landed high up in a tree though so it was not a brilliant view but it was still nice to see.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Uni Week 7

Once more it has been a very quiet week, either that or I have been expecting too much. If that's true then its probably been quite a busy week, in that the numbers of ladybirds is still on the up and one is now asleep on my window. There has also been quite a few squirrels around, one of which was very bold and I managed to get within 1 meter of it, it was a huge squirrel too. Having said that, the real drama happened on Tuesday...

I came home from lectures today and crossing the courtyard where I live I found, under a bush, a feral pigeon that seemed injured, and was very stunned since I if I had wanted to I could simply tread on it. I figured it would be unwise to leave it there where so many students come past so went to get my gloves. I picked it up from the path and the thing did not move a muscle. There were some remnants of blood on its beak but apart from that and a bald patch on its neck there was no sign of injury. I placed in over the wall next to the stairs where I would be able to monitor it but nobody would know. I gave it some digestive and then left. Over the day I checked it regularly but it did not move at all. Before bed I came back and gave it some more digestive but it seemed pretty hopeless.

I headed down the following morning expecting to find that it had been predated during the night, or that it had died in its sleep. It was not where I left it so decided it must have died and been carried off, however when I turned around it was sat in the bike stands. I was pleased since it had obviously moved there itself. However, once more I was not keen to leave it there, in a place where it was very vulnerable so I moved to try and get it. I was pleased to see it running away and it even tried, though failed, to fly. Eventually I caught it and moved it on the field under some trees. I gave it some digestive and left it. When I checked later that day it had gone and there was no trace, suggesting it had flown off rather than being predated. I would like to think then that my rescue had been a success but sadly I guess I will never know...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Uni Week 6

This week was a lot more productive than recent weeks, or at least Sunday was. Apart from that its been another quiet week but I went for a walk to with church along the canal in Matlock.

Went for a walk along the Matlock canal today, it had a mixture of weather, but on the whole it was pretty decent. The highlight was undoubtedly 9 little grebes, really close as well so that you could really appreciate how nice they are. Along with them there were numerous mallards and mute swans, as well as 2 species of wagtail, pied and grey. There were also a small flock of long tailed tits. While walking back I had to rescue a small newt from a puddle in the path but that was nice to see, if not a little unexpected. Also unexpected was the fact that I saw not one but 2 red admiral butterflies, which was bizarre considering that they are a migratory species. This could well be my latest ever butterfly record.
-Little Grebe