Saturday, 14 September 2013

Soil Hill

-Wall Brown
I had a brief walk round the hill this afternoon. It certainly had more going for it than it has done recently. On the bird front there were good numbers of skylarks, around 30 birds flushed, and about 15 meadow pipits to go along with them. There were also a few swallows hunting the road on the way up, as well as a kestrel hunting the fields lower down. There was a flock goldfinches on the thistles again, but they were much flightier today. On the insect front I had two firsts on the year with butterflies: Wall brown which I got a decent view of, as it roosted on a dry stone wall, and painted lady, which I did not get a good view of as it flew around me and then chose not to land, but overall a good day.


  1. great news on the wall brown and Painted lady,,both very scarce this year,,,did you get any pics of wall brown..........

  2. I did, but at the moment my memory card reader is not working. As soon as I can get it to work I will upload them

  3. All the best for your stint at University, Daniel. Looking forward to seeing you on Springwatch etc in the future!

  4. Thanks Nigel, all the best with your birding on soil hell!