Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sizewell 2013

Once more, as last year, I was not on this holiday for wildlife but they can hardly be ignored:

Day 1
Travelling down we had an absolute shocker with the trains, but on the way I spotted a little egret hunting in a lake next to the train tracks

Day 2
Walking over to play sport we had to walk past the horrible stagnant pool in case of fire. Hunting it was an Emperor Dragonfly, as well as a Common Darter. In the pond there were still plenty of Palmate newts, one of which I caught to show the people I was with

Day 3
This was the boating lake trip day and I found a few common emerald damselflies as well as some black tailed skimmers

Day 6
Doing water sports and, no joke, we were surrounded by dragonflies litterally hundreds all over the place, all Southern Hawkers. I have no idea what caused there to be so many, but there was clearly enough food to support them

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