Thursday, 22 August 2013

Garden Caterpillars and Sparrowhawk

So since today was so nice I headed out into the garden to photograph the caterpillars that have been the scourge of my mums plants. On the pond we have a very obviously moth caterpillar which is eating the reeds. I do not understand how they are going to work this, because the more of their plant they eat, the smaller their island is going to become...
...we shall see
-Moth Caterpillar
We do however have some more familiar and identifiable caterpillars in the shape of these young large white caterpillars. There were at least 2 broods on this plant alone judging by age, and round the front there is another brood, so this species is seemingly doing well this year.
-Large White Caterpillar
Just as I was taking these photos, our female sparrowhawk flew over being mobbed by around 20-30 swallows. There was some serious mobbing going on, which is probably why it flew over without making a stop.

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