Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Burnsall Bridge

Today we went to Burnsall Bridge, and from there we decided to walk up to Grassington along the riverside. It was pretty void of wildlife in all fairness. There were only a couple of grey wagtails, which were mere flybys. We spotted 3 mandarin females, or eclipse males sheltering in the shade, but that aside there was not much.
-Mandarin Ducks
There were quite a few insects around, including a Banded Demoiselle at the weir before Grassington, which is a species I have never seen here before. I thought I had taken some photos, but they could not be located, so maybe I didn't.
There were quite a few butterflies there too, mainly whites but also a small skipper, which may also be a first for this walk for us.
-Small Skipper
-Small White
So today's walk was wildlife void even by its often low standards, but it was pleasant enough and there were the odd bits...

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