Thursday, 25 July 2013

Oats Royd

Sunny but humid, headed down to Oats Royd to see how things had changed during my absence. Change no.1 there were a lot more Skippers, both large and small as there were none when I had come before the holiday.
-Small Skipper
Change no.2, there was actually a dragonfly, and a new species at this site for me: Common Darter
-Common Darter
There continued to be lots of damselflies: Common Blue, Blue Tailed and Large red
-Large Red Damselfly
Walking around the pools I found no less than 4 Brown Hawkers, including one ovipositing, not a species I am overly familiar with.
-Brown Hawker
Some things don't change though, such as the presence of nice moths, like the Antler Moth
-Antler Moth
I also found this wasp very loudly chewing up an old reed stem

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