Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dorset Holiday-Day 8: Dorchester and Ringstead

After many intense days of wildlife watching, today I decided to stick with my mum and dad and do whatever they were. At first, in the morning we went to Dorchester, but it was not much. There was a small river, but not one you could walk down. In it there were a few Brown Trout, but there was nothing else of note
After Dorchester we headed back to the caravan site to have lunch. While eating lunch we had a bit more success with wildlife, not least as a Common Lizard ran across the middle of the glade our pitch was it. I caught the lizard but my dad was unable to use the camera for a photo, so I put it down so I could get the camera to work. In that time the lizard ran off, but I was still able to get a handful of not very good photos.

-Common Lizard
So that's the reptiles section for today done. While we were eating lunch after the lizard had been and gone, a pair of copulating Golden Ringed Dragonflies came and started flying round the glade. They only landed occasionally, but it was striking to see how small the male was in this pair. They were not as bold as golden ringed dragonflies are, so I was unable to get a photo that I really liked. 
-Golden Ringed Dragonfly
After all the drama of lunch had died down we headed off to the beach at Ringstead again. There was obviously not much on the wildlife front, except for the usual hedgerow butterflies; Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell.
Back at the caravan site I was heading for a shower when I noticed a Peppered Moth on the outside of the shower building. I know a lot about the species, having studied it at GCSE and A-level due to its evolutionary characteristics. Having said that, I have never seen one, so I was very excited when I noticed it. It was a rather fine mottled individual, and another tick, though not in any of the categories that I really tick with...
-Peppered moth
That evening whilst walking to the toilet block I found a Common Toad rustling on the side of the road. It was nice to see one in its natural environment and not under my tent for a change
Ultimatly it was a rather wasted day but I got a few lovely things, and tomorrow the buses will be running normally again, so I will be able to get back onto the heathland

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