Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dorset Holiday-Day 1: Caravan Site

So begins our holiday to Dorset. Really this was not where we had intentionally wanted to be, but as me and my brother finished school early due to exams we booked the holiday rather late, only to find everywhere booked up. 
The warm weather meant everyone was going our way as we made our way down, so it was a slow journey. However, on the way I did manage to get Common Buzzard and Swallow
Our campsite was in the middle of some woods which was very nice, and no sooner did we arrive than I spotted a Common Blue Damselfly from the car window 
Once we had set up, my dad and I went up to have a look at the tourist information. No sooner had we arrived than did I spot a brown dragonfly landing on a nearby budlia. It turned out to be a female Broad Bodied Chaser, Which got the Dragonfly side of the holiday off to a great start
-Female Broad Bodied Chaser
It was a little skittish, so my photos were not that great. Back at the caravan we found that the blue damselflies could also be found here, and I was able to confirm that they were common blue damselflies 
-Common Blue Damselflies
The afternoon was void of wildlife due to Andy Murray becoming Wimbledon champion, congrats to him. We did have a juvenile Robin that kept us company and stuck with us for the remainder of the time that we were there.
That evening we went to Weymouth beach and there we were able to watch Common Terns flying in from Lodmoor RSPB across the road
So the holiday got off to a slow start, though given the number of species that had come up in my research, I would doubt if it stayed that way

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