Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Soil Hill

This was my first visit to soil hill since my exams finished. On the way up I had to go through some fields deep in grass and flowers and on one of the flowers there was a rather splendid small copper.
-Small Copper 
The hill itself was still quite lifeless, more than I expected. The only birds I actually got good views of were the skylarks of which there were quite a few, some still singing, others skulking around the various piles of debris.
Other birds were limited to flybys, such as a male reed bunting, male linnet and small groups of meadow pipits. I managed to track down one landed meadow pipit but I quickly lost it in the grasses. There were a few groups of starlings flying overhead a well as some crows but that was the extent of the bird life.
On the way back down I flushed a linnet pair from the side of the road. After much tracking I eventually found the male of the pair perched in a tree, which allowed me to take of a photo of a bird from my trip 
-Male Linnet