Monday, 3 June 2013

Oats Royd

I dont go to this site as often as I should, considering how close we live to it, however for that reason it gave me the perfect site to go to as a mid revision break. I did not clearly know how to get to it, so went over the top road, which was badly overgrown. At the top before the descent into the actual reserve there were some shaded overgrown ponds in which there were a few frogs resting from the heat
-Common Frog
On the descent I flushed my first damselfly of the year, large red, and also got to watch a lovely willow warbler singing on top of a birch tree
-Willow warbler
The actual reserve was teeming with insect life and there were a few birds about too. On the ponds there two families of canada geese and a family ducks. There was also a moorhen and a pair of domestic geese. On the insect front there were quite a few damselflies, but they were difficult to track down to photograph

-Common blue damselfly
But there were also a large number butterflies, including orange tip and peacock, with an excess of large whites, small whites and green viened whites...

-Male orange tip