Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank holiday soil hell

So having dipped on yellow wagtail, and seeing as though I was dagged away from my revision books i decided to make for soil hell. It was very sunny, which is a condition not normally experience on soil hell, but theres a first time for everything.
  It was pretty barren, Im not going to lie. On the top I flushed a curlew which flew of towards ogden and there was also a lapwing circling. Since it was circling I decided to beat a hasty retreat off the top

It was a pretty brief visit as I needed to get back, so i did not descend to try and get the sedge warbler. In some of the more permentant pools on the top I spotted a few tadpoles and there were the remains of some frogspawn.
  On the way out I came across a lovely wheatear, and upon trying to sneak up on that I spotted two lovely skylarks really close. I was able to get some resonable photos, but in the sun it was better to just enjoy them as their rustic plumage was showing up rather nicely. There were a number of others singing around me too. 


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