Sunday, 7 April 2013

Yorkshire Dales Holiday Day 1

Day 1 of our holiday at the far side of the Yorkshire dales. We started in glorious weather and decided to go for a walk by the side of the river in Richmond. our walk was good, as we saw Goldcrests and got really good views, though not quite as good as Norfolk.

From where I saw the goldcrests I was able to get great views of the waterfall there and to take some really nice photos of the river on a cold winters morning.

-The River at Richmond
Walking back to the path from where we had been and I spotted a Long tailed tit among the goldcrests, so that we got to see some great arboreal acrobatics 
-Long Tailed Tit
We walked until we reached the bridge to cross back over and back to the car park. Along the riverbed were these curious plants, and the soft sediment was ideal mining insects, though they did not stay still long enough for a good photo
-Curious Plant
As I had been photographing the plant my family had walked on ahead and when I caught up with them they pointed out a treecreeper in a nearby tree and said that when they first saw it that it was right next to them, now I could only get a photo of its bum
We than walked up to the waterfall to have a coffee and to see what wildlife there was around the waterfall. We spotted a couple of grey wagtails but they quite distant so I diddnt really get any decent photos
-Grey Wagtail
After Richmond we decided to go to Foxglove Covert nature reserve in the middle of the army barracks. The weather was still nice when we got there and we went straight to the hide. Sadly, there was not much in the hide and there were a lot of kids. There was a woodpecker on the feeders and a moorhen on the pond but not much else. We then went for a quick walk by the marsh but there was not much there. There was however, some frogspawn, which is my first this year
So we left foxglove covert. Back at the campsite we set up our birdfeeder and watched as loads of lovely garden regulars turned up. Hopefully we will have just as lovely weather for the rest of the holiday

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