Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Soil Hill again

Well, this is awkward because as I am writing about this trip to soil hill a whole three months after the actual trip due to card reader problems. I am racking my brains and am struggling to remember what really happened, and where it all fits in with regard to the photos. There were plenty of skylarks, obviously, and I remember trying to stalk one on the top near to the ruined outhouse. I also remember descending the slope and that the only thing at the bottom was a kestrel on the wire. I can also remember that as I was leaving there was a skylark on the wall, which descended into the field, allowing me to sneak up on it, getting some reasonable photos. Besides that, I can't remember anything exciting happening, so you can make that bit up to make it more exciting if you like, here's a run down of all the photos in apparent chronological order... 

-Skylark on the top


-Various skylarks

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