Saturday, 1 December 2012

Once more upon Soil Hill

Since I had to go over it anyway on the way back from Ogden, I intended to call in at soil hill, again, just for the fun of it. All things considered, I managed a grand total of 4 species, numbering maybe 9 individuals. As you can tell, it was another poor day upon t' hill.
The four species in question were;
Robin-Came across one on the way up, quite bold and got quite close to it
Carrion Crow-3 circling the hill upon arrival
Common Gull-One over the hill, south, and 3 flying up the Ogden valley, North
Meadow Pipit-Small speck, flying up and over the brow of the hill for a grand total of 1 second, before dipping down again

There were still some sheep on the hill though...


  1. I've had my eye on those sheep...

  2. At least they add to the biodiversity of the hill...