Saturday, 17 November 2012

Soil Hill

Maybe there's a reason I don't go up as much as I should. It was a nice day and I had nothing planned so I headed for soil hill. It was lovely at the top; nice sunshine, calm, but a distinct lack of birds. It took me 20 minuets before I found my first bird meadow pipit.
  Since there was so little to write about, I will post a complete list of the birds seen on the hill today:
-1 meadow pipit
-1 common gull (south)
-2 black-headed gulls (south)
-3 partridges flushed (Red legged?)
-1 carrion crow spotted in the distance
-1 Kestrel
It was nice to see the kestrel as it was hovering further down the hill and so was on a par with me at the top. Otherwise, all the other birds were flushed or flyovers.

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