Sunday, 21 October 2012

Norfolk Holiday Day 1-So it begins

So here we are again, going on holiday in October  Luckily, this time we are not going to a remote countryside county, we are going to Norfolk! That to say the least is exciting. We were staying at West Runton, a town just west of Cromer, on a site we had stayed at before. All the birding sites were to the west of us, but luckily the Coast-hopper bus, though infrequent, provided the perfect means to get around.
  When we arrived on Sunday afternoon, we had no plans to do anything, and it was too late to take a trip to Cley, so I went for a walk down to the beach at west Runton, some 20 mins away. It is a nice enough beach, well known from its Pleistocene fossils, including a straight tusked elephant. It is however, not a hot spot for birds. To make this first post interesting, I have included my three photos of the day, some blurred gulls on the beach. All the gulls are either herring, lesser black backed or black headed. The only other bird I saw was a lone fieldfare, but more on them tomorrow.


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