Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ogden-Dipping out on a yellow browed warbler

I arrived home after walking home from town in the morning to receive a text message saying that there was a yellow-browed warbler at Ogden. Unsurprisingly I gathered my things and rushed over. I wandered around Ogden for around an hour looking for the site and eventually stumbled across the other birders looking for it. I heard it was with some long tailed tits, and so headed of into the woods to try and find some long-tailed tits, a pretty easy bird to locate by their calls.
  I found the long tailed tits easily enough, quite close too, so I took a few photos of them.

-Long-Tailed Tit
I then spotted a warbler sized bird moving through the conifers, and having noticed it had golden wing bars, immediately got my hopes up. About 10mins later they were crushed again when it appeared to be a goldcrest. This was the trend set for the rest of the afternoon, long-tailed tits with some goldcrests thrown in to confuse us, a lovely bird need-less to say.


-Long-Tailed Tit 
Having come straight over after arriving home I had not taken any lunch, which now did not seem like a good idea. After a few hours of searching I had to call it quits due to my hunger, without so much as a glimpse of yellow-browed warbler. Andy said he heard it, but we were unable to catch it again after that, when it was 10 meters up surrounded by goldcrests.
  Disappointed I walked home, until late that afternoon I got another text saying it had been re-found on the far side of the reservoir. Once more, my mum gave me a lift over to see if I could find it. I managed to find the group watching it, but when I arrived it had apparently just left. It was associating with a chiff-chaff, which I got stunning views of, as well as there being some very late swallows and house martins, but sadly no warbler.

so I saw plenty of lovely things, but not quite the bird I had hoped for. It was however, a lovely afternoon to have spent looking for it.


  1. Good to meet you Daniel, sorry about the dip.

  2. Not to worry, it was a good day's birding anyway