Sunday, 9 September 2012

Garden Brimstone? Whats that all about?

It was a sunny but blustery Sunday afternoon, and after church I was chilling upstairs, when my dad called me to say there was a brimstone in the garden. The last time I saw a brimstone was Stavely last year, and before that it would have been a few years ago, so to have one in the garden was a big surprise. When I arrived in the garden my dad was right. It sadly did not hang around for long, clearing off after around 5 mins of it sitting in none suitable positions for photographing. either way, this is up there on the garden list of records, and being my first one this year, was extra special.



  1. great record,they seem to be increasing but not many people get a decent photo nice one...

  2. Its the first time I have ever seen one in our garden, and possibly the first I have ever seen in calderdale. Pretty special to see!