Saturday, 18 August 2012


I went to a town just outside Birmingham to see friends that I had not seen for a long time. Any wildlife I saw would be a bonus, but when its a dragonfly that you have only ever seen once before, and that time it was a juvenile, then its more like the icing on the cake.
  My friend took me to a local NT property, and while we were walking round the lake I spotted this lovely male black tailed skimmer, only the second time I have ever seen one. Sadly, this one was rather flighty, and difficult to photograph, and I did not have my good camera, I was borrowing my parents camera for casual purposes, not for wildlife photos. I managed one photo in focus where I wanted the dragonfly, the top photo is a cropping of the latter. Either way, it was a lovely dragonfly to see, to say the least

-Male Black Tailed Skimmer

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