Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Recent ongoings

During a busy week preparing for the holiday, its been nice to have a few bird encounters. Sadly, the first was not a particularly nice one. Last night, whilst being driven home from football I spotted a sparrow sat in the middle of the road. Naturally we expected it to fly off, but it didn't, and my dad only spotted it when we were too close to stop. He slammed on the breaks and I got out to find that it had not been hit, but was already in a bad way anyway. I had taken off my goalie gloves, which was unfortunate, because as soon as I caught it as it fluttered along the road, it grabbed by middle finger with its little beak. I cupped my hands over it to try and stop it getting stressed, but it didn't let go of my finger. It was only a minuet to home, which was just as well considering. When we got home I went onto the lawn, followed by my dad to have a look and check it over. As I opened my hand I got to see it holding onto my finger. There were no obvious signs of injury, but as soon as I opened my hands it scuttled into the bushes. It had probably just been hit by a car and needed some time to recover, either way, its safer in the garden than the middle of the road...
  Besides that story, walking to school today I was surprised to spot a willow warbler near Bradshaw park. Its the first time I have seen one during my walk to or from school. And around the corner there were the group of juvenile blackbirds that have been around for a good few weeks now. Besides them, there were also a few greenfinch juveniles around, so hopefully they had a good breeding season too.

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