Wednesday, 11 July 2012


As a job with work experience. I was instructed to go on the woodland trail and to see if there were any problems caused by the flooding. I diddnt really find any, though the path had been badly eroded in one area.
  I diddnt see much wildlife, but at the pools there was a bit more than there had been in other areas. The first thing I saw was this large skipper, which posed rather nicely.

-Large Skipper

That was only a few meters from the first pond, but unfortunatly the ponds were bitterly dissapointing, not even any damselflies today. I managed to spot one frog as it dived into the pond for cover.
  Luckily though, I did see another lovely insect a Cercopis Vulnerata Froghopper. I first saw one of these at this site last year, so it was lovely to see my second at this site also.

-Cercopis Vulnerata Froghopper

After I returned from my walk, only adding a treecreeper and a scorpion fly to my list, my officer for the day said I could go home. Since I had a bit of time, I decided to go and have a look at the pond up the back lane to see if there were any azure damselflies there today. At first sight it diddnt look promising, though it was very windy, so I could hardly blame them. However, I managed to spot one in the middle of a grassy clump, only visable when the wind moved the grass into a suitable position.

-Azure Damselfly

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