Saturday, 7 July 2012


Today was an Ogden watch day, and luckily the sun shone for the first time this week. It was a good thing to as we spent the morning stripping tree shelters of young trees. Whilst doing that I spotted a scorpion-fly, a large white and a grasshopper


When we had finished and it was time to shut the shutters, I found a moth was hiding under one of the shutters.

-Moth, of some description

 After Watch group I went for a walk up to the pools, giants tooth and the moors to see if I could
find anything. Up at the pools I diddnt find any dragonflies but I did find quite a few damselflies and a lot of frogs

-Large Red Damselfly

-Common Frog

After leaving the pools I headed up towards the giants tooth. At the start of the path up to the giants tooth, I spotted a tree-creeper, a bird that I had not seen at this site for a few years now.

Up at the giants tooth I was surrounded by a really wierd call. I managed to find the birds doing it but found it difficult to tell what they were. After checking my photos I reckoned that they were goldfinches. However, after getting home and properly checking them, it turns out that they were actually siskins in song flight.

-Siskin in song flight

Up on the moors I was dissapointed to find that the moors were practically drown due to the ammount of rain. There was hardly anything growing and hardly anything to see. I did however spot a lapwing flying overhead, which was nice.


 The only insects that I managed to find were small heath butterflies which were in abundance at the top of the river, up the gorge, which was flooded. The butterflies though were very easy to photograph.

-Small Heath

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