Thursday, 19 July 2012

Angelsey-first evening

And so we have arrived at angelsey. I have to say that our caravan site is quite nice, and the facilities are not bad. After dinner we decided to go a local nature reserve just down the road at Cefni reservoir, which is not one that I am overly familiar with from my research. On the way to the far carpark we past a field full of hay bales, and perched on one of the nearest hay bales was a buzzard. We went up and down the road a few times before we finally got into the right place for me to take a few photos. sadly it moved off not long after we pulled up, so the photos were not too good.


Walking along the resevoir path that went nowhere near the reservoir in the twilight. There were a few swifts hunting along the path but that was it for birdlife. It the vegetation along side the path My brother spotted an usual spider wrapping up a moth, and so I knelt down to try to take some photos.

-Spider Sp.
As we reached the end of the walk, where we were going to turn back, I spotted a common blue damselfly on a piece of grass. Curiously, it moved round the piece of grass as I moved round to try and see it, so that it was always hiding behind the grass. Its the first time I have ever seen this behavior, so it was quite amusing. It made photographing them quite difficult, but eventually I found that moving your hand round the back menat they moved away from your hand and not from you

-Common Blue damselfly

-Common Blue tailed damselfly

-Common Blue Damselfly

So those were the first damelflies I have seen this holiday, and hopefully not the last. Its a good start to the holiday  

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