Monday, 23 July 2012

Angelsey Day 4

Day 4 of the Angelsey holiday begun with rain. It was a pity really because rain meant not much wildlife. As a result we decided to go and have a look at the Angelsey Sea Zoo, an aquarium that we often go to whenever we are in the area. As you would expect, there was very little in the way of wildlife, but as we pulled in to the site next to the sea, there was a whimbrel and oystercatcher on the beach.
  By lunchtime we had finished at the aquarium, so we moved onto Beaumaris for our lunch. We parked up on the seafront where we would be able to see anything that flew past. Before we had lunch we went for a walk along the seafront towards the pier. At the pier, due to the blustery conditions, there were many gulls flying about but struggling, allowing me to get some photos of them in flight. They were also nicking the bait from tourists crabbing equipment, which was pretty funny.
-Herring gull

When we arrived back at the car I heard the call of a tern, and looked up to see a couple of sandwhich terns flying right by us, as they headed back up the beach. I was therefore able to get some decent flight shots of them, though they are not as good as they could be due to the rotten weather.

-Sandwhich Tern

We had lunch in the car because it was way too windy to eat on the seafront. Even in the car we got the attention of a herring gull, who sat on the roof of the car next to us and just watched. We threw out some scraps for it. Because it was so close I was able to take some photos of its head and wonderful yellow eye.

-Herring Gull

After a look round Beaumaris we drove round all over looking for somewhere to go. Strangely we ended up back at the caravan site with quite a bit of the afternoon still to go. My dad decided that we would go for a walk round Cefni reservoir since it was local to the caravan site.
  As far as reservoirs go it had quite a few birds. At one point my heart was racing when a female tufted duck with excessive white round its beak appeared near to shore, but that is exactly what it proved to be. Either way it was an exciting moment in a pretty drab day.

-Tufted Duck

At the extent of our walk we reached a clearing in the shrubbery that allowed me to get down to the waters edge. There were a few coots and mallards around, and I got a great view of a reed bunting flying past me, but there were no insects.
  On the way back, because it was evening and the waterfowl were congregating at the shallower end of the reser so that they could roost. It allowed me to get a full list of all the different species that were on the reservoir that evening.
  At the back there was a lone great crested grebe, but besides that and a lone swan there were mainly tufted ducks and coots.

-Great crested grebe

-Mute swan

-Coots flying

On the way back to the car I spotted my first damselfly of the day, a common blue, but because of the bad light I was unable to get any decent photos.

-Common Blue Damselfly

So we left Cefni reservoir, and ended day four of the angelsey holiday, which was a very poor day in terms of wildlife, unfortunately.

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