Sunday, 24 June 2012

Stranger things...

We have had many unusual birds in our garden over the years; linnet, reed bunting and stock dove are the ones that spring to mind, and this must be up there with them. Casually on a sunday morning whilst putting on my shoes before Church, I glance out of the back window towards the pond. There at the top of the waterfall, is a moorhen. As soon as you read this, you would think that by saying pond you would think of a large, borderline lake. However, our pond (top) is only around 2meter by two meters, so to have a bird of open water pools casually standing on the top of the waterfall was quite unusual! it certainly surprised me.
  It was very flighty, as soon as it saw us, through two panes of glass it began to move towards the decking at the back. After church we saw it hop over the wall into the field and we thought that we had lost it, but it was soon back. It was so weird watching it swim on the pond. It stayed with us for most of the day, leaving late in the afternoon, flying southwards. I wonder what on earth made it want to stay here, I wonder what it was doing. Either way, its a wonderfull sighting for the garden, if not slightly unusual...


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