Sunday, 24 June 2012

Our garden-Corvid central

After a hard day of photographing the moorhen on the pond, It was time to put my feet up and watch England get knocked out of Euro 2012. Luckily for me, there were more excting things going on, on our garden bird table. In an Earlier post I mentioned about the magpies thatare enjoying themselves in our garden, and they have been back. We put out bread soaked in chicken fat to deter them from stealing all the fat balls, and it seems to work. It also menas that the magpies come closer to the window, where I can finally get the kind of photos that I have been wanting for the past few years. There are at least two, but I think there are four. Here are the best from a well spent hour photographing these birds.

And it wouldnt be a corvid dentral with only magpies would it? we also had a jackdaw who stuck to the feeders, only coming to the table when there were no magpies around. We hardly ever have jackdaws in the garden, so this is an unusual sight.

We have also had a carrion crow that occasionally drops in for a light snack, just to complete the list.

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