Saturday, 30 June 2012


 Due to it being a nice-ish day, I decided to go and have a look at ogden, to see if there were any birds or insects around. It was quite blustery, but no sooner had I arrived did I find a butterfly, which was unusual in such conditions. It was a small heath, so I followed it to try and get some photos, and in doing so stumbled across some more, which were more obligeing for a photo.

-Small Heath
I made my way round the back, round the moors and golf course to reach the pools and giants tooth. At the pools there was ample water, but no dragonflies. There were quite a few frogs and large red damselflies. The frogs were all very quick and dissapeared in the pools as soon as I got there. There were a few large red damselflies, and more appeared as the sun came out, including this one that seems to have been hit by some mite, notice the orange patch on the side of the thorax.

-Large Red Damselfly
Crunching through the bracken round the ponds I finally found a dragonfly, but unfortuantly it saw me in the same moment I saw it, and did a runner. It was certainly a hawker type dragonfly, which would make it very early, unless it was a hairy dragonfly, in which it would be very northern and very unusual, which is why I doubt it. It was probably a common hawker
  It started to rain as I finishe at the ponds, so decided to head home rather than have a look at the giants tooth. Sadly, no sooner had I left the reserve then it stopped raining and the sun began to shine again. On this note I decided to have a quick look at the pond up the back lane, which is a place I have never been when its been reasonable weather. It was a wise decision, as I managed to find a handful of azure damselflies, which is not a species that I am overly famililiar with. It was nice to see, but unfortunatly I couldnt get close because there was a barbed wire wall in the way, and the farmer would probably shoot me!

-Azure Damselfly
Walking back over soil hill i was accompained by a skylark and some low flying swifts. Sadly becuase they are so quick, the swift photos were very poor, considering how close they were to me.


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