Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Garden Recently

Exams have finished finally, but unfortunately that means that school has re-started. Luckily, whilst watching the Euro's I have had the enjoyment of the wildlife coming to me, Namely the magpies. We have had around four magpies around, though the bird table will only support 2 at once. They normally come in, fill up their beaks and then move off, maybe to feed young. We have two fat magpies, one with some white on the tip of its head and a couple of thin magpies. When I photographed them it was early evening and the light restricted my photos, but I managed to improve on my old attempts, both these are the same bird.

Only this afternoon my mum called me out to take a look at a stunning moth that was hiding under some of my mums plants. I do not own the ultimate book of moths in Britain and Ireland, or whatever its called, but from my dads insect book, which has around 300 moths in it, I reckon its a "knotgrass", though I may be wrong, due to its vivid white patches where the wings meet. Either way, its a lovely moth, and I hope it doesn't get eaten, because it chose somewhere to roost where it sticks out rather like a sore thumb!

-Knotgrass moth
So there we are, a quick rundown of all the stuff that's been going on in the garden.

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