Monday, 7 May 2012


Its been quiet recently due to exam commitments. However, as I have walked to and from school I have spotted quite a few birds displaying nesting habits, as well as finding around 6 nests of various species, inlcuding starling, collard dove and Blue tit. I can clearly see the collard dove nest and watch them easily. Theyare awkwardly perched between a satellite dish and a wall, which makes me wonder if the house owener might push them off. Lets hope not.
  Helping with Ogden Watch Group on saturday, at Cunnery wood, I managed to spot a jay flying between the trees there, as well as there being plenty of bluebells to admire.
  Over the house yesterday we had a pair of kestrels, we think displaying, though when I caught up with them they had moved on a bit. We also had a mining bee, resting on the driveway. I only know it is a mining bee because I have seen one identical to this is the lake district, but it would be nice if it set up home in our garden somewhere.

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