Saturday, 5 November 2011

soil hill

walking home from school, got home to find myself locked out and my mum not around. So I sat on the driveway and waited for my mum to come home. As I did a sparrowhawk male flew out from behind me, came back around, flew behind the trees beside me and then flew in front of me. Spectacular views to say the least of the sparrowhawk.
Went to soil hill after to see if i could catch up with a snow bunting. Unfortunatly I couldn't, but I did see a few partridges of unknown species, and a few feildfares on the way up. But no snow buntings unfortunatly.


  1. Hi Daniel

    The partridge are most likely grey. My biggest count there was 8 a month ago. The Snow bunting is elusive, I have been several times and not seen one this winter. Plenty time yet.

  2. I reckon they were greys too, they seemed a bit bigger than I would expect a red-legged