Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Shropshire Day 4

Today was the day I had been dreading. For my brother we were heading to RAF Cosforth, not really my cup of tea. I had saved a nice biology essay for this day, but it only lasted the whole morning, so i decided to have a look round the grounds, and round the back of the hangers. There are some woods back there and obviously airfeilds have a high attracton to pied wagtails.
But I saw nothing in the woods round the back. For fear of tresspassing I tried to keep a low-ish profile, but after peering around corners and stuff I suddenly realised that there were cameras everywhere-real smooth there. Luckily they've not come after me yet, so I guess they realise that I'm not a foreign spy or anything...
Back to the wildlife, or lack of it. The only thing I saw all day was a small copper buttefly. But there is something else to this because it is another rather late butterfly. I don't know much about the wintering habits of small coppers, but I imagine they hibernate because they are small. It wasn't looking in any fit state to migrate, if thats what it had in mind.

-Small copper

Other than that there was nothing on the wildlife front. Though there were plenty of planes, if thats what interests you...

That was the final sequence in this shropshire holiday, which has been better than I expected, so its all been goo in the end.

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