Sunday, 16 October 2011

Great Northern Diver at Ringstone

Birding doesn't get much better than this. Sunday afternoon, Dave and I went up to Ringstone reservoir to see possibly the best record in Calderdale of the year. Normally a Great northern diver is rare, but that would be a winter plumage bird, but this was a summer plumage! So not only is it a special record, its also a stunning bird. Sadly due to computer issues I only have one photo that has been cropped-But I assure you that more are on their way...

When we arrived at first it took us a few minuets to actually find the bird, but luckily it was found, on the far side of the reservoir. Thanks to dave again for letting me use his scope to get great views despite the distance.
We decided to go round to the hide as the bird seemed to be heading over that way, But when we got to the hide we found it along the shore half way between the hide and the road. It continued moving about, diving and fishing, and began to move closer, until it was really close, near to the wall, near the hide. Then it got really exciting, as the bird began calling. Its earie call echoed across the reservoir, a wonderful noise to hear, and the icing on the cake.
The bird then began to move across the reservoir towards the far side, there were a couple of birders over there. the diver was right in front of one, with his giant camera, and he diddnt even notice.
Because the bird was so far away, we began to look around and spotted a flock of lapwing and golden plover in an adjacent feild. I counted about 10 golden plover, but it was easier to count them when they were spooked a few minuets later.

When we left we pulled up at the side of the reservoir near the road to get one last view of the stunning bird. It was well worth it, as we got more stunning views in the evening light. Thanks to dave again for taking me.

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  1. Now that was an afternoon to remember Daniel. Lets hope we get another Sunday afternoon out after some more Calderdale stunners. Only a matter of time.